Winter is coming, and if you live in an area with heavy snow, it’s a pain to shovel piles of snow to make a clear path for yourself and for your car every day. Spoil yourself and buy the 2015 best snowblower, to finish the job quick and without any effort. After all, shoveling every day, sometimes even twice a day to get rid of the snow, could cause back problems, you could catch a cold, and it would keep you busy for a long time, time which you could spend relaxing inside the house, while drinking a hot cocoa and watching “A Christmas Carol” with the whole family.

Two-stage snow blowers

The two-stage snow blowers are the best when it comes to dealing with heavy snow. The two-stage model can even be used over dirt or gravel, making it more convenient to use than the single-stage snow blower, which can be used only on a paved surface. The price the 2015 best snowblower with a two stage operation might be bigger than the one-stage model’s price, but it does the job perfectly, fully deserving the money spent on it.
The Ariens Compact ST24LET 208cc Two-Stage Track Drive snow blower comes at the price of $1500, but it’s worth it. This powerful snow blower will make snow disappear like magic, throwing it between 3 feet up to 40 feet by the simple push of a button. It’s designed to function in sub-zero conditions, therefore you don’t have to worry that you can’t use it if it’s too chilly like with other models. The cast iron sleeves ensure the durability and longevity of this product. It can be used on any type of surface, even on grassy or turf areas. Having so many advantages, this two-stage snow blower is clearly a smart investment.
Another great snow blower for heavy snow is the Cub Cadet 2X 243cc Two-Stage snow blower. It comes at the price of $1050, being cheaper than the first model we talked about. It’s designed to work through the toughest winter conditions possible, and it has a heavy duty steal auger that breaks up and pulls in the snow. Also, this model has a 200 degree turning radius and the maximum snow throwing distance it can reach is 40 feet.
Invest in yourself this winter by buying a snow blower to ease your job. This way, you are protecting your health, and gaining more free time. They are durable tools that are a smart long-term investment if you simply take care of them.

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