While there is still plenty of time left until Halloween, we always like to get an early start when it comes to making our own costumes and decorations. In terms of costumes, we came to the conclusion that making the costume at home is just too complicated, especially when there are so many cheap options available online. Just take a look at the costumes featured onĀ greathalloweencostume.com and you will see what we are talking about. However, when it comes to decorations, diy projects can be not only rewarding but also very fun. Decorating the house with your family and friends can bring back lots of memories. Whether you want to throw a Halloween themed party or spend some quality time with your family in your own home, we have some cheap home decorating ideas that will allow you to turn your home into Halloween land with minimum costs.

Eerie floating hand

This first idea is very simple to do and it doesn’t cost a lot either. You’ll need some plastic gloves, some popcorn, and clear elastic bands. Start by filling the plastic gloves with shredded paper or tissue paper or if you want, you can fill them with popcorn or candy to store your tasty treats. Secure the contents by tying each ends with clear elastic bands and then place them around the house. You can either place them in a large bowl or scatter them around the room.

Halloween garland

Garlands are the best diy home decor ideas since they are very versatile and can be adapted to any event. Placing a Halloween garland inside your home is a cheap way to make your house more festive. When it comes to creating a Halloween garland, know that you’re options are not limited at all. You can experiment with lots of sizes, colors, messages and so on. If you want to do a garland with a simple message, use small pieces of paper for each single letter of your message and draw the letters with a marker on each piece of paper. In order to attach all the pieces of paper, simply slide a paper clip through each hole and attach the letters to a piece of twine. If you want to make it more detailed, add some decorations between each letter.

DIY Bones

Even if you are not very artsy, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put any http://www.mysheridanhome.com/cheap home decorating ideas into practice. Some diy projects are very simple, so if you want to wow your guests, draw inspiration from this next idea.
For this next DIY project, you’ll need a plastic skeleton and some white/ivory spray paint to make your skeleton figure more authentic. Separate the pieces of the skeleton and spray paint the pieces you choose to use as decorations. If you want, you can add each piece in a sealed jar and place it on the shelves or on the table.

Scary flying bats

The best diy home decor ideas are those which you can make together with your family. This will be a great way to spend some fun time together while creating spooky decorations for your home. Flying bats can easily be done with some tape and black felt or black construction paper. Draw a bat outline with a white chalk and cut the bats out with scissors. To stick them on the walls or ceiling, simply add some double-sided tape to one side of the black felt or paper.


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