There are many seniors and disabled people who use a mobility scooter to become more mobile and continue to do the things that regular individuals do. Furthermore, these types of devices can boost one’s self esteem considerably, as they can help people become more independent, allowing them to carry on with their lives without asking for their family’s continuous help. You can find more information about these mobility aids on Still, if you want to offer your parents or your loved ones a mobility equipment, you need to make some essential home improvements, because safety must come first under any circumstances.

Prevent accidents

Falls can be very dangerous for seniors and disabled people, especially when they are using a mobility scooter. Therefore, you need to consider some simple home safety precautions for ensuring that your loved ones can have access throughout the house without exposing themselves to the risk of getting wounded in any way. Here are some essential home improvements to focus on:

  1. Make entryways more accessible by removing high door sills, or by using a small ramp as a solution for enabling a smooth and easy mobility scooter transition through the door. 
  2. Verify with regularity if the doors can open and close easily. Seniors who suffer from arthritis and people who don’t have a strong hand grip find it easier to open and close doors which have levers instead of doorknobs. So, keep in mind to make this home modification if you want to make life easier for disabled people.
  3. Using a mobility scooter when there are cords and electrical wires all over the place can be very difficult, so we advise you to use cable clips for securing all cables along the walls. Furthermore, remove slipping rugs from the floors to help mobility users to operate their device effortlessly.

Adapt the bathroom to a mobility user’s needs

Giving that the toilet should be at a proper height for people who have problems getting up and sitting down in their chair, we advise you to replace your toilet accordingly. Furthermore, you should consider mounting some sturdy handrails near the toilet, because that can offer people with disabilities more stability. Concerns about falls and injuries are real, so they must not be overlooked. Therefore, we advise you to create a safe indoor environment of absolute mobility for those who you care about. For many people with health problems, aging in place is more convenient that moving to a special facility, as it allows them to stay in the home that they know and like. So, with the right home improvements anything can be possible.

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