For those of you who have never used a humidifier, you should know that this device comes with many benefits. For starters, it adjusts the humidity levels in a room. Thus, it will prevent sinus or skin discomforts. It can also alleviate cold symptoms. Furthermore, a humidifier can also protect your furniture. It is not uncommon for wood finishes to crack if they are exposed to dry environments. As you can see, a humidifier is a device which can make your life a lot easier. Portable humidifiers are very popular and they are highly used, especially during the dry winter months. However, these devices can handle a single room so they must be moved around the house a lot. Having a portable humidifier in every room of the house is not an option either as you need to maintain each humidifier individual. This is why we recommend whole house humidifiers. However, there are countless humidifiers on the market and if you are unfamiliar with a humidifier’s feature, you will have a hard time finding the best one for your needs. Today, we will give you a few tips in order to help you find the best whole house humidifier.

  • Buying guide

Shopping for a whole house humidifier is similar to shopping for a common appliance such as the fringe. You need to find one that is easy to use, efficient and comes with a good warranty.  We already told you that these devices are easier to maintain than several portable humidifiers yet they too require some regular attention. They feature a large tank which needs to be refilled once in a while, depending on how dry the environment is. Keep in mind that whole house humidifiers are loud so make sure to put this device in a less crowded area of the house, preferably the basement. Don’t make any money compromises when looking for the best whole house humidifier. Keep in mind that this is a long term investment so you will want a quality product which will last for many years to come. However, if your needs are reduced, and you only need a humidifier a few times a year, you may want to purchase a warm mist humidifier, because it also helps during colds and flus by helping the respiratory system and allowing the organism to recover faster.

  • The best whole house humidifier reviews

If you have done any research on this topic, you might have noticed that it is a lot easier to find information on portable humidifiers than on whole house humidifiers. However, after checking out countless models, we picked a few products which we believe to be top quality. Our short list will save you a lot of research time. All you have to do is pick one out of the following ones: The Essick Air MA1201, Essick Air H12-400HB and Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier. The Essick Air MA1201 Moist Air Whole House Humidifier has many interesting features which will make your home a lot more comfortable. The fan has four settings, the lowest one being the most quite one as well. The tank is not very big so it can easily be refilled in the kitchen sink. Furthermore, the device itself is not very big so it can be placed in any room of the house. It is by far the best reviewed whole house humidifier on the market.

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