The refrigerator is an appliance that can not lack from your kitchen if you want to keep your food fresh and in proper conditions to be consumed. The models and features available in refrigerators are various and it can be quite challenging to find the perfect type that will satisfy your needs in terms of storage space and functionality. Whether you opt for a minibar fridge, a regular refrigerator, one with a freezer or a side by side model, you must pay attention to many details and aspects. Here are some of the criteria based on which you should choose your refrigerator.

The energy class

The refrigerator’s energy class shows how efficient is the unit in terms of power consumption and the standard classes start from the class G of high consumption to class A of low consumption and you should always choose a class A or A+ model because you’ll save energy and money in the long run. Class A + models consume up to 25% less energy than a class A refrigerator and 40% less than a model of class B.

The size of the unit

The dimensions of the refrigerator are important in two aspects: the space you have available where you want to place it and the inside storage space. Before buying a refrigerator, measure the space where you want to put it so that you will not have problems in installing the unit. After that, check the model’s capacity, compartments and shelves to make sure it has enough space for your food. The capacity is displayed in cubic feet and the interior differs from model to model. Look for units with adjustable shelves, bottles and eggs holders, deli shelves and vegetables boxes for easy and smart food storage.

The temperature

The recommended temperature for a refrigerator is 3-6 degrees Celsius and for the freezer between -20 and -18 degrees Celsius and it can be adjusted manually or electronically. The cooling method is an important aspect in choosing the refrigerator. In static cooling, it is made through the back of the unit, the ice formed melts when it reaches a certain level and the water flows in a special tank. If your refrigerator has a freezer, it requires a manual defrost every 6 months. If the unit features a NoFrost system, the cooling is achieved through dry air, which prevents ice formation so that the device does not have to be defrosted. There is also a disadvantage because the cold air can dry the food, so if you opt for this function you should use food containers or foil wrap for protection. One solution would be to choose a refrigerator that has this function only in the freezer so you will get rid of thawing, but also keep your food fresh.

The extra features

If you’re concerned about the hygiene in the refrigerator and you want to protect your food from germs, opt for a device equipped with an antibacterial function, which has interior walls treated with silver ions. This system prevents the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odors and the perishable food will remain safe. Also, for strong-smelling foods, consider a refrigerator equipped with a filter against odors. Door alarm, antibacterial handle, LED lighting or water dispensers are other features to look for in a refrigerator.

These being said, when reading various refrigerator reviews, make sure the reviews are comprehensive and cover all the aspects mentioned above. Based on our research, we found the best reviews on The reviews on that website will help you compare several models and choose the most convenient ones.

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