Unfortunately, nowadays burglaries are very common, and we must have in mind to secure not only our house but our garage as well. If you take a look at some of the best garage door openers analyzed on theĀ garagedooropener.best website, you will notice that some of them come with some very amazing security features. If you haven’t secured your garage yet, but you are planning to do it, then you will certainly find very useful the following top 3 most secure garage door openers.

1. Direct Drive 1042V003

This is a highly recommended unit for heavy garage doors, due to the fact that it is very powerful and very efficient. What many consumers liked about this product is that it is extremely quiet and without any vibrations whatsoever, in comparison with many other units that are on the market and are extremely noisy, and can disturb you and your neighbors as well. It comes with an installation kit which contains a wireless keypad, an interior wall station, and transmitters. The unit operates extremely clever due to the fact that it uses a rolling code technology, in order to prevent burglaries, which is absolutely fantastic.

2. Chamberlain Group PD220

Chamberlain is a well=known company which produces quality garage door openers. Furthermore, these products are considered a long term investment due to their durability. The same as the product presented above, this one has a quiet operation as well, and it also comes with a secure rolling code technology. The door is opened and closed due to its chain drive technology, and if it encounters any obstacle, the incorporated safety sensor will detect it and the unit will stop operating. Unlike other products, Chamberlain comes with a 6-year warranty on the motor, and 1-year warranty on accessories and chain, which is quite reasonable.

3. Decko 24300

When it comes to this product, many consumers are pleased about the fact that it is extremely secure, due to the fact that it comes with a rolling code feature. This means that every time you close the door, a different code is activated. This is the most innovative feature at the moment because it prevents burglaries. Moreover, whereas other units require professional installation, this one doesn’t require, and that means that you don’t need to pay extra money because you can do it yourself. It has a very quiet operation, and therefore, you can open and close the door as many times as you would like without disturbing anyone. Decko 24300 definitely deserves to be in this top 3 most secure garage door openers, due to the fact that it is extremely efficient, yet reasonably priced.

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